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About ALKO

About ALKO

Tiko Limited is a company with more than 20 years of experience in kitchenware. Today we would like to share our choice of premium collection with every bakers around the world and that is why Alko kitchenware is born.

We only carry premium historical brand overseas with special and stunning items selected exclusively for you.

If you like something simple yet beautiful, seeking for work life balance and enjoy the quality of life like us.

Welcome to join us for the fabulous baking journey!  
We believe you won't regret experiencing this extraordinary



In this hustle & bustle world, we believed many people were lived with varying levels of anxiety or depression like we had.
We always look for something to destress, a distraction of sorts : meditation, yoga or exercise, but none of these were perfectly fit our specific needs, like budget, time, and simplicity.
Till we find one magical option that allow people to do at home anytime, not only able to simulate the sense of taste, smell, sight and also give us a true relief and we would like to encourage people like us to give it a try.


We understand only the quality product bring you the best quality experience.

We source the best kitchenware from all over the world and bring those leading products to your home.
You may just focus on the time of baking fun, enjoy to be creative—adding flavor, changing color, forming shapes and sharing happiness with your family & friends.


Empathic & Innovative 

Scientist says that looking at colors can relax oneself. The colors a person is surrounded with can have an effect on the person’s health psychologically, emotionally and even physically. Moreover, we understand that no matter beginner or advanced bakers won't reject a tool that can simplify their baking process, so we keep bringing in & working on new functional products - like our embossing cookie cutter that can help bakers easily create amazing cookies was first introduced by us, it is one of a kind.

We all love colorful and innovative product that can help bring our fascinating baking idea to a table of our loved one.


Nothing is not worth for a try in the baking world, no matter the skill level.
We love to share our simple delicious recipes and decoration ideas with you to help you achieve your very best.

Trying new baking ideas is like unboxing a gift, full of surprises.
We will explore on the fabulous baking journey together with you.