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ALKO 24cm Lily Flower cast aluminium bundt pan

$50.00 $43.14
  • Size: D24cm x H10cm
  • Body metal: Cast aluminium
  • Internal coating: Non-stick
  • Interior color: gold
  • External color: Silver
  • Maximum temperature: 230°C


The Lily Flower mould is made of die-cast aluminium. This mould is ideal for making creative cakes with a guaranteed result at home or professionally. Its elegance is combined with exceptional high quality non-stick performance and resistance to scratches and wear.


1. Wash the mould before the first use.
2. Grease inside surface with oil, butter or margarine before baking.
3. Allow cake to cool down a little before removing from the mould.
4. Use only in traditional ovens (no microwave).
5. Please do not exceed 230° C.
6. For the cleaning of the mould (after each use), we recommend hand washing with dish soap and it is recommended to dry the mould immediately after washing.