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Simple No Fail Coffee Walnut Muffins

By: :Gary Ko 0 comments
Simple No Fail Coffee Walnut Muffins


Cake flour 220g

Baking powder 2tsp

Sugar 140g

Salt 1/2tsp

Eggs 2pcs

Chopped walnuts 80g

Unsalted butter 180g

Milk 160ml

Instant coffee granules 4tsp


1. Toast walnuts at 100°C  for 10-15 mins. Cool before using.

2. Combine flour, salt & baking powder. Set aside.

3. Dissolve coffee in hot water & add milk. Set aside.

4. Place softened butter into a large mixing bowl & beat until smooth

5. Stir sugar into the mixture (4.) until pale and fluffy

* Tips : Adding the sugar a little bit at a time helps get a perfect creamed butter & sugar

6. Beaten eggs, stir well & add eggs into the mixing bowl (5.)

* Tips : Adding beaten eggs gradually to give the mixture time to thicken and emulsify

7. Add the dissolved coffee into the mixing bowl (6.)

8. Sift the flour mixture (2.) into the mixing bowl (7.). Combine all dry & wet ingredients together with the mixer

9. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the mixture off the sides of the bowl. Mix together until just combine

* Tips : Do not overmix the batter, the gluten in the flour can form elastic gluten strands resulting in a more dense, chewy texture

10. Divide evenly among muffin mould. Add walnuts on top.

11. Preheat oven to 180°C. Bake for 25-30mins or until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean

Ready to serve






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