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Now trending - Stress baking ; Baking could help you relieve stress

By: :Gary Ko 0 comments
Now trending - Stress baking ; Baking could help you relieve stress
  • There's a lot of literature shows that baking relieves stress
  • A professor at Boston University told The Huffington Post that baking can allow people to express themselves creatively 
  • Making cakes for other people makes you feel better too

    Stress baking is kinda a new trend in recent years

    Nowadays people in many countries are having long working hours. Which mean many people are less likely to come home every night in time to bake not even cook, but many of them seem to have turned to weekend baking as a salve for the ambient anxiety of being alive. There's a good reason for that: Baking actually can be really relaxing.

    Why does baking make you feel better?

    Baking is very good for focusing on the mind because it often relies on very exact measurements. You have to add ingredients in the correct order or your profiteroles won't rise, or your cookies will be soggy. Having a complete focus on a recipe and not allowing yourself to be distracted by your thoughts can have a therapeutic effect.

    See what other people feel good from baking 

    "Not only does it take my mind off of whatever is upsetting me, but it opens me up to make something new and fun and delicious, and ultimately, that's what makes me happy."

    "I found baking had a calming influence on me without knowing that was what it was doing"

    "I've always been a creative person, so I think it's the creative process and a product to show for it that really help me when I'm stressed or on edge about"

    "While adding finishing touches such as sprinkles to your creation can give me a sense of pride and enhance how my feeling."

    It's nice to know that something as simple as making a cake has such a positive effect on our emotions if you don't want to spend much money? Baking is cheap, it’s easy, and it’s visceral. 

    Let bake!

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